Welcome to La Belle Plant Nursery


La Belle Plant is a nursery located between Santa Monica and Venice, that serves the westside of Los Angeles with a wide selection of beautiful plants, including cactus and succulents, indoor plants, airplants and outdoor plants. Our selection is filled with plants that respect Southern California’s unique ecology, and offer endless possibilities for stunning garden design.

There is also an extensive pottery selection so you can visualize the right container for your new plant at the same time. We offer decorative containers in Italian Terra Cotta, Chinese ceramics, Mexican red clay and glazed ceramic cylinders, with a large selection of sizes and colors.

We are happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for, and will give you tips on caring for your plants so you can enjoy them for years to come. We carefully select our suppliers to provide you the best quality, our plants are healthy so no worries it will be easy and relaxing to take care of them.

Come and share a moment with us. La Belle Plant is also a place that we are making special, for you to feel comfortable and explore our world.